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Clickbait Warning - Unable to dismiss.


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Whilst visiting this newspaper webpage:

I got constant pop-ups saying that it contained clickbait. Fair enough, most newspaper websites do.
(Got to love newspaper sites for this stuff).

Despite dismissing the warning with 'Continue to site' it kept coming back, especially when I scrolled the page.
Every scroll would cause the warning to reappear.

Selecting 'Do not block this site again' and then 'Continue to site' also had no effect, the warning persisted in popping up.

It's very likely  that there was more than one clickbait on the page, so maybe the warning was appearing for each one individually.

However as the override is 'Do not block this site again' rather than an individual clickbait then shouldn't dismissing it once be enough?

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Yes that's what I did to stop it.

However I was giving beta feedback and pointing out that the option in the pop-up was/is not working, or at least not properly linked to the exclusions.

It's an issue with the pop-up option, not with the exclusion itself.
(This sort of issue is expected in a beta product).

Clicking on 'Do not block again' and/or 'Continue to website' in the pop-up switches the slider in the UI, but it does not actually invoke the exception.

Here's a screenshot-
As you can see I had already told the pop-up once to exclude the site, which had moved the slider in the UI, but the pop-up still comes back.
You have to then manually go to the UI and switch it on and off yourself before the exception will take effect. (At which point the page refreshes without the pop-ups).

TBH I'm not that bothered about clickbait on a news(paper) site, I expect it to be there and act accordingly.


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Just gave it a go with 1.0.42, using the same newspaper webpage linked above.

I'm getting mixed results-

First test:
Clicking only on 'Continue to site' dismissed the pop-up but it came straight back again almost instantly. (The slider in the UI was not moved to off).
Clicking on 'Do not block this site again' and then 'Continue to site' dismissed the pop-ups completely (The slider had been moved to the off position).

I'd assume that is the intended/expected behaviour and that without the 'Do not block this site again' it was only dismissing each clickbait warning in turn.

So that worked, but I like to try again to be sure.

Second test:
I removed the exclusion from the Allow List, then closed Firefox, reopened it and went back to the same newspaper page.
This time clicking on 'Do not block this site again' and then 'Continue to site' resulted in the original issue of the UI slider moving to 'off' but the warnings repeatedly coming back.

I noted that I had done something slightly different there - I had not done the 'Continue to site' only before using the 'do not block..'.

So Third test:
Check the exclusion had been removed, close and reopen Firefox, pull up the newspaper page.
Clicked 'continue to site' only and the warning dismissed and then came back as expected.
Then clicked 'Do not block this site again' and then 'Continue to site'; unfortunately this did not stop the warnings repeatedly coming back again.

Could it be a cookie/database issue?
So Fourth test.
Make sure the exclusion had been removed, clear cookies, restart Windows, start Firefox, pull up the news page.
Clicking only on 'Continue to site' dismissed the pop-up but it came straight back again almost instantly as expected.
Clicking on 'Do not block this site again' and then 'Continue to site' again did not stop the warnings repeatedly coming back again.

I'm at a loss as to why this would work correctly the first time but not subsequently, even after a restart?
OK, it's not something that would normally happen ouside of testing, a user would normally allow the site once and leave it at that.

Again to note that this is only from the warning pop-up, if you move the slider in the UI yourself then the exception takes effect as expected.

It's not a great problem, just something that seems not to be working quite as expected.

I may look around later to find a different page full of clickbait to play with.


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  • 1 month later...

I stumbled across this issue at https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/746756/Minnesota-storm-cloud-sea-smoke-rises-freezing-temperatures-Lake-Superior-Duluth-Harbor

Re: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/234400-intermittent-blocks/ there's intermittence so I had to open the page in a different Waterfox profile to gain a screenshot:


Side note:

  • audible playback of invisible content.

An earlier shot of the red alert failing to appear:


Around twenty-two minutes later, I don't know how long after a reload of the page, I found the red alert back, with the tab muted. After clicking the mute icon (it disappeared):

… erm, I have a screenshot but there's repeated failure to upload to my edition of this post ?


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