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Malwarebytes trial running, made me want to mutilate something

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I have used Malwarebytes for scanning my systems many times in the past, and have been very grateful for its availability.

About a week ago, I again wanted to make sure there's nothing untoward on my sytem, so I updated as usual and scanned, but this time said yes to the activation of a 14 day trial of the full version.

Soon I had to realize I was more or less unable to use the internet in any meaningful way, as many actions were blocked. No warning messages were displayed, but disabling Malwarebytes enabled these functions again. So I disabled all TSR aspects of Malwarebytes, keeping only scheduled scans, every 3 days at night.

This evening I was playing a game, and was just about done with some heavy fighting the AI, when a popup flashed. I had just enough time to see "Malwarebytes" and "quarantine" and "reboot" (or was it "restart"?), and the screen turned blue, "Shutting down" (in fact, the German version) with dots circling. At that moment I realized I had made a number of changes to a Word file still running in the background which I had not saved.

After reboot, I checked how such behaviour could be avoided in the future. I was unable to locate any type of corresponding switch or setting, nor was I ever asked whether I want this to happen.

Unbefrigginglievable. I may have made major mistakes in the process, but I do believe Malwarebytes should set up the program more foolproof than that.

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Based on your description, it sounds like the reboot happened due to the setting for the scheduled scan to restart the system automatically to complete the threat removal process (this is located under Settings>Scan Schedule>(click on existing scheduled scan to highlight it)>Edit>Advanced>Restart computer when required for threat removal.  You should uncheck this box to disable that setting.

Also, with regards to the trial, you may terminate it at any time by following the instructions in this support article.  You'll still have a scheduled daily scan and automatic database updates, but none of the active real-time protection features will be available.

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10 minutes ago, Cleatus said:

how about a "you need to reboot immediately  to finish cleanup==save all items you are working on"  pop-up

Actually, there is already such a notification (though not quite that wordy, but I think it does the job):


It also shows up whenever real-time protection has blocked and quarantined an item which requires a reboot to completely remove.  A fairly comprehensive list of current Malwarebytes 3 notifications can be found in the user guide located here.

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