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Return to scan results and adjust quarantined items without re-scanning?

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Hi, giving user feedback is a new thing for me and hopefully my conclusion is correct that this is an issue best addressed by providing feedback rather than contacting support.

Malwarebytes has in the past destabilized my system by removing registry files, so I am wary of quarantining anything unless I'm sure I don't need it. However, I am finding that once selected files have been quarantined, I can't return to the original results to quarantine more files unless I start the whole scan over again,

This is obviously inconvenient if I want to tweak things around until I identify the problem files.

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Unfortunately due to the way that scans function, once the results have been processed there is no way to return to the previous detections so you have to perform a new scan.  There are a few reasons for this but the main one is that Malwarebytes cannot confirm that the other items it detected previously are still present (not to mention the fact that it generally requires a reboot for cleanup) so it requires you to perform a new scan to deal with any items that might remain.

Also be aware that some detections might be connected to one another, and removing only specific ones might cause the others to no longer be detected by subsequent scans.  This is because of a heuristics detection technology built into Malwarebytes called Linking which can detect additional traces and infection components based on other items it detects.  Because of this you should always remove all detections following a scan unless you are certain that an item is a false positive, in which case only the item(s) you believe are false positives should be ignored and the rest should be removed.

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