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Got strange threating email.


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Hi I like to report an suspicious email from yesterday, heres what it said.:  


Dont consider on my grammar, I am from China.We loaded our virus on your OS.Now I thiefted all personal data from your device. In addition I have some more evidence.The most amusing compromising which I have- its a videotape with your masturbation.I put malware on a porn web site and after you downloaded it. When you picked the video and clicked on a play, my deleterious soft instantly downloaded on your Operating System.

After adjusting, your web camera shoot the videotape with you self-abusing,  furthermore I captured the video you chose. In next few days my deleterious soft collected all your social and work contacts.

Its obviously a scam because one thing I use Linux to surf the web and really don't touch free porn sites. And this person finishes by saying:

If you desire to erase all the evidence- pay me 640 usd in BTC(cryptocurrency).
I provide you my Btc address - 19U6ZoDKgaxHcnvNYXTeucpUWrMMav7PQE

and hers there email address: order@santaclarashuttle.com

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I got a similar but different variant...


Good evening,
we don't think that it's wrong to pleasure yourself from time to time.
Certain things are just best kept private, if your relatives and friends are confronted by this it will be something to worry about.
Something any person would be totally embarrassed with.
And will be having serious affects to your personal life and wellbeing.
For a period of time we have been monitoring your computer trough a trojan virus that has been installed by yourself and has infected your computer.
You have been infected by clicking on an advert on one of our infected pornographic websites.
A trojan virus gives us access to your computer and any device that is connected to it, whether it is trough wifi or bluetooth.
We have been montoring your screen and everything you have been doing, trough a live feed, without you being aware of this.
We also have control over your camera and microphone which we can switch on and off whenever we want.
Any information that has been interesting or relevant to us has been stored privately.
For example: contacts, social media,emails,etc.
We have recorded a video where you can be seen pleasing yourself, and we have added the video you was watching as an split screen footage.
With one press of a button I can forward this video to all your contacts, social media, etc.
If you want to prevent this from happening transfer the amount of  150$ to the following bitcoin address.
Bitcoin address: 17eYbqTNDhwRgDusqt961zKycpfQVsE43r
Buying bitcoin is very easy and straightforward ( usually verification is needed) trough the following websites:
As soon as payment has been submitted your details and video footage will be deleted.
We will give you a timeframe of 5 days to make this payment.
Failing to do so will leave you with the consequences that you have been made aware of.
We don't make mistakes.
Reporting this is useless, it is impossible to track this email address and these emails have been sent via an external server abroad.
These accounts have been hacked.
If you make the stupid choice to do report this or contact anybody about this message we will directly release your footage and forward it,
any other things we obtained that can possibly harm you will be used against you too.
We will get notified as soon as this email has been opened, from that moment the clock starts running.
You have 5 days exactly  not a minute longer.
With kind regards

BTW:  There is no such thing as a "trojan virus" as what was used in that fraud ploy.  Either the malicious code is a trojan or it's a virus.  Just like there is no such thing as a "Honda Saab".  Both trojans and viruses are types of malware just as Honda and Saab are types of automobiles.


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12 hours ago, gonzo said:

 Make sure you leave a tip for that.

They're alleging that they've already got his tip. (Pictures of it at least).?

I think Daves "There's a sucker born every minute". quote is also a quite amusing in the context.?

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Sorry for the delay, but there it seems to be a "beautiful" scam. Better is to mark these mails as spam or block through the filters.

I got few mails like this in the past but I avoided them immediately.

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If you are a target of a sextortion scam like this, or others, where you need to pay to get your compromising data deleted, do not engage with the scammer. These emails can sound intimidating, especially if the scammer is able to add details about you taken from public data, like from your social media accounts. As a result, the scam is rather lucrative.

If they said they have your password:


Change your password, and continue not engaging. Most passwords seen in these scams appear to be drawn from previously leaked databases compiled from breaches of old—often years old, in fact.

Head here for more info on this scam: https://blog.malwarebytes.com/101/2018/10/sextortion-emails-theyre-probably-not-watching/ 

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