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New Possible False Positive

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Got a small problem.

One of our accounting 3rd party addons has been quarantined by Malwarebytes.  Timberscan.NET.exe resides on a server on our local domain and is executed via desktop shortcut and a "Named Pipes" MSSQL connection set up in 32bit ODBC Administrator.  C:\Users\ ”account-name” \AppData\Local\Spoon\Sandbox\TimberScan\\local\stubexe\0xEF37104E112B0AD5\TimberScan.exe is the file created locally that is being quarantined.  I have attached it zipped.

I would like to see this particular item excluded from future updates, unless of course this IS malware.  Checking my server just in case.





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malwarebytes is not the only one that dont like it


you should report possible false positives here  >>  https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/42-file-detections/


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Yeah, I was concerned until I ran the original file.  Only one and Malwarebytes is fine with it as well.  It's 136mb so I couldn't upload it.


And thanks for the other link.  I'll read through those and follow up appropriately.

I've also emailed my account rep as I'm up for renewal.

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