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Chumsearch Problem

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I have a Macbook running Sierra.  The computer has been infected with the Chumsearch virus.  The Profile icon is greyed out and other local admin accounts are affected as well.   Safari and Chrome have been affected by this issue. On both browsers, nothing appears in Extensions.

I have tried the following with no luck.

Reset both browsers, did not fix it

Ran Malwarebytes, did not fix it

Ran Avast, did not fix it

Nothing in Applications to remove

Chrome- Cleared the cache images and files.  Cleared cookies and other site data

Safari- Removed website data

I don't want to wipe the drive and start from scratch. I want to fix the problem.  I am not sure how to remove Chumsearch.  I am sure there is something I am missing.

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I'm guessing when you say the Profile icon, you are referring to System Preferences->Profiles? If you don't have and never have had a profile installed, then there shouldn't be any Profile Icon there at all, and if it's greyed out then that could well be an indicator of the source of your problem. Best information I can find is that if it was installed it would be in /var/db/ConfigurationProfiles/ somewhere.

There are some instructions at the bottom of this article New Crossrider variant installs configuration profiles on Macs that may be useful. 

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The Profile icon is greyed out means exactly that. You can't click on it or do anything with it. This issue has everything to do with the configuration profile.  This statement "the configuration profile that is installed forces both Safari and Chrome to always open to a page on chumsearch[dot]com. This also prevents the user from changing that behavior in the browser’s settings" is exactly what is going on. 

Although it is not clearly stated in the article, I am guessing if I run this command:

sudo profiles -R -p com.chumsearch.www

It should remove the threat?

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What did you get when you ran

sudo profiles -L

or, if running 10.13.x

sudo profiles list

That should tell you the name of any profiles you have installed and help identify the one you need to remove.

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  • Staff

That command should remove this profile, but I'm not sure why the Profiles icon would be grayed out. Is this machine managed by your employer? If so, you may not have the ability to remove profiles. If that's the case, I can't say whether that command will actually work.

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We can't be sure that the profile is named "com.myshopcoupon.www" until you run the first command to list all the profiles. It's possible that it has a different name that's why you have to run the list command first.

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