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Translation mistakes in Online Store

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Good afternoon, malwarebytes !

I found some mistakes in Romanian translation in the "Online Store" page hyperlinked in Malwarebytes (Buy a license) or in your site (estore).

1st picture : Online Store of hyperlinked in Malwarebytes app


2 Year Subscription = Abonament timp de 2 ani
Choose your License Term: = Alege perioada de licențiere
Cod de siguranț = Cod de siguranță (It was a missed letter)

add Devices for 15,00 € each! = adaugă dispozitive pentru 15,00 € fiecare!
for 12 months = timp de 12 luni / timp de 1 an
for 24 months (save around 25%) = pentru 24 de luni / pentru 2 ani (Economisiți 25%)

2nd : estore of Malwarebytes site


Device(s) = Dispozitiv(e)

Operating system(s) = Sistem(e) de operare

3rd picture : estore (see description above)


Cine este Avangate (Who is Avangate, "what" is used correctly) = Ce este Avangate (There is not a person).

See you soon !

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Thank you, florinch!

I appreciate your taking the time to send us this feedback.  I've passed it along to our ecommerce team to address.

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