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Win10 media creation tool download blocked, MB for Firefox


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4 hours ago, John L. Galt said:

Speaking of managing it - is there a setting in CCleaner's settings for Firefox profiles that allows you to skip cleaning permissions.sqlite so that the MB for Fx retains its settings


You can uncheck the entry for Filrefox 'Site Preferences' in CCleaner, that will prevent it from cleaning the file.
Or you could add the path/filename as an exclusion in 'Options > Exclude'.

As for a permanent solution from the MB side -

Is there any way that you could get the extension to reset it's database when Firefox opens? (Similar to the 'remove-undo' quick fix that I found, that's pretty quick in action).
CCleaner will not clean any browser that is open, so if you could reset the DB as soon as Firefox is opend it would cure the issue.
Doing it that way would also work for any other cleaner app that may delete the 'permissions.sqlite'.

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We've looked into this, and we're not totally sure but we wonder if CCleaner is buggy here.  If you clear Firefox Site Preferences using CCleaner, it appears to corrupt the IndexedDB storage -- not just clear it.  Subsequent attempts to open the storage for reading or writing time out.  Uninstalling and reinstalling the extension fixes it by setting up an entirely new IndexedDB database.  We'll report the issue to Piriform, we're not the only ones who've noticed:  https://github.com/openstyles/stylus/issues/278


Indeed, outstanding detective work @nukecad.  For the moment please don't use CCleaner to clear Site Preferences, as it appears to be buggy.  For what it's worth, Firefox Site Preferences are not cleared by default in CCleaner, you have to enable it manually.

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  • 1 month later...

Yes, I'd seen that and have installed the new CCleaner version, v5.44.6575

I've just tested it.
I used the new CCleaner to clear Firefox 'Site Preferences', then opened Firefox and downloaded the Media Creation Tool.

The download saved normally without being blocked, so this issue seems to have been resolved.

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I'm sorry to report that although the CCleaner update has fixed this issue, it has come with intrusive changes that will probably mean many will not be using it.

It is constantly throwing up an advert in the Windows notification area, and is leaving behind advertising cookies for itself and for Avast. Cookies that of course it will not remove.
They have already had to remove one recent change after user complaints, this update may be the final straw for many.

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Yes that bug has been fixed.

It's just a shame that since Avast took them over they have been going rapidly downhill and alienating long standing users.
It's still a decent junk file cleaner, but all the advertising and other crap they keep sneaking in without even mentioning it in the release notes is now getting too much for many.
It's obviously a company ethos thing with Avast and now Piriform have to toe the same line.
(It's getting as if someone has deliberately set out to find what will drive users away. You have to wonder if it's being done deliberately to run down Piriform, at which point Avast will announce their 'new' Avast PC cleaner).

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