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Should this be deleted? PUP.Adware.Heuristic

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I just did a scan with AdwCleaner 7,1,1and it found these two objects, what is it and what should i do?

# -------------------------------
# Malwarebytes AdwCleaner
# -------------------------------
# Build:    04-27-2018
# Database: 2018-04-30.1
# Support: https://www.malwarebytes.com/support
# -------------------------------
# Mode: Scan
# -------------------------------
# Start:    05-01-2018
# Duration: 00:00:07
# OS:       Windows 7 Professional
# Scanned:  40814
# Detected: 2

***** [ Services ] *****

No malicious services found.

***** [ Folders ] *****

No malicious folders found.

***** [ Files ] *****

No malicious files found.

***** [ DLL ] *****

No malicious DLLs found.

***** [ WMI ] *****

No malicious WMI found.

***** [ Shortcuts ] *****

No malicious shortcuts found.

***** [ Tasks ] *****

PUP.Adware.Heuristic            C:\Windows\System32\Tasks\{ECC531EE-A054-4B19-B6A1-1FBC9166C659}

***** [ Registry ] *****

PUP.Adware.Heuristic            HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\TaskCache\Tree\{ECC531EE-A054-4B19-B6A1-1FBC9166C659}

***** [ Chromium (and derivatives) ] *****

No malicious Chromium entries found.

***** [ Chromium URLs ] *****

No malicious Chromium URLs found.

***** [ Firefox (and derivatives) ] *****

No malicious Firefox entries found.

***** [ Firefox URLs ] *****

No malicious Firefox URLs found.

########## EOF - C:\AdwCleaner\Logs\AdwCleaner[S03].txt ##########

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***This is an automated reply***


Thanks for posting in the AdwCleaner Help forum.

Someone will reply shortly, but in the meantime here are a few resources which may help resolve your issue:

Thanks in advance for your patience.

-The Malwarebytes Forum Team

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  • p8p67 changed the title to Should this be deleted? PUP.Adware.Heuristic
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Can you share me the content of this key?

Please proceed as following:

  1. Open Windows Menu, type "cmd.exe",
  2. Right-click on it > Open as administrator,
  3. Copy/paste the command below and press [Enter]:
reg export "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\TaskCache\Tree\{ECC531EE-A054-4B19-B6A1-1FBC9166C659}" C:\regexport.txt

Then, please attach the file C:\regexport.txt in your next answer.


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I know I asked, but since no one answered yesterday I deleted it, and now i regret it. I also did a FRST64 scan (after i deleted it, sadly) and it found the key but said No File since i deleted it. But it did say an other Task key before the affected one on the same line. would that one be of any use to know?

But also i did a new scan today and it found a Trojan.StolenData in C:\Windows\System32\Unknown . Its a folder with a program called VulkanRT-installer (which i think is a Nvidia program) and two other files, OpenCL32.dll and OpenCL64.dll. 

Tell me if there is anything i can do.

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