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Hi to All,

Computer has letitbefater malware.

It looks like MalwareBytes cannot find this problem.


  1. I clear all navigation data from Chrome.
  2. I go to a website and I get a pop-up add from MacKeeper
  3. Many of these cookies are from letitbefaster

I have downloaded and installed MalwareBytes.  The scan says that all is well.

All is definitely not well.

It seems that letitbefaster is a known malware that

  1. I cannot fix
  2. MalwareBytes cannot find

Some things that I have tried

  1. Moving from Safari to Chrome
  2. Installing MalwareBytes
  3. Removing cookies and launch agents by hand from the terminal
  4. searching for mackeeper software or any file with this name (none was found)

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance

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Checking around the community, it would appear this is a new variant of the Pirrit adware malware. It's probably caused by something installed in either the User ~/Library/LaunchAgents or ~/Library/LaunchDaemons folder. The file would be named “com.<random characters>.plist" but I have no idea what those <random characters> might be. 

The staff will probably want you to submit a diagnostic file to them, so if I were you I'd wait until they come to work tomorrow and follow their instructions.

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  • Staff

If this is only happening on a specific site, it's not a problem with anything on your computer. It's a problem with that site. Note that there are unfortunately very many sites out there that will display scam MacKeeper ads. When you come across such a site, you should avoid it.

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