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Use standard Windows 10 notification format for update notifications

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Request: allow the update notification to use the notification system built into Windows 10 rather than a popup that must be manually dismissed repeatedly until dismissed or disabled.


For anyone who games, watches movies, or does other full-screen activities, Malwarebytes' current notification implementation is very frustrating.  It appears on the screen and must be manually be dismissed.  In the midst of any action-oriented game, this can be catastrophic for gameplay.  For movies, it's merely annoying.  And dismissing it only does so for an hour, plus or minus.  A user's option then becomes either stop what they're doing to update, or dismiss update notifications.

The first option is ideal, but ignores user behavior; users don't want to stop a gaming session, particularly an online session or fight scene, just so they can update their virus protection.  To be blunt, the user's state of mind in that moment is likely to dismiss the horrible thing getting in their way at the worst possible moment and get back to their session, then stop that from ever happening again when they get a chance.  It is particularly egregious when playing controller-based games (example: Rocket League) where fractions of a second matter and visibility in the lower-right corner of the screen (where the boost indicator is located) is vital.

The second option encourages bad habits (i.e. permanently removing a reminder to update malware protection software) but at the moment is the only way to stop this nagging notification from blocking the screen is to do this.

A temporary notification that goes away after a few seconds is enough to get someone's attention without actively impeding their current task.  If a user wants to update, they will.  If they don't, incessant and activity-blocking notifications isn't the way to make them want to update; it's a way to make them want to make sure that doesn't happen again, which in turn increases the risk of forgetting and never updating.  Many people are frustrated with how Windows Update handles these notifications, and this is almost as bad.

I do recognize that balancing the issues of a good user experience and the importance of keeping malware protection up to date is difficult, but in my opinion this type of notification (especially considering that there are viable alternatives) crosses the line from encouraging good habits to forced behavior, which is in the gray area between a poor user experience and a dark pattern.  (i.e. forcing users to do something that prioritizes an organization's desires over that of the user.)

Also note that this request is just for update notifications.  I understand why risk warnings are important enough to warrant a popover that must be manually dismissed.  (Though scan-complete without finding problems is debatable.)  But updates simply aren't as urgent and shouldn't impede a user's desired activities.

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I don't know of a single antivirus or anti-malware app that uses the standard Windows tray notifications, however Malwarebytes actually did long ago back in the 1.x days, but due to users complaining about not receiving Malwarebytes notifications frequently and eventually learning it was due to the fact that they had the standard Windows notifications disabled, the decision was made to create and use our own, which also allowed us to add additional controls and functionality to the notifications (you cannot include buttons/controls in standard Windows tray notifications; one reason that not even Windows Defender uses them).

That said, there are plans to add additional options to control the Malwarebytes notifications, including more granular control over which ones do and do not display as well as a "gaming mode" or "silent mode" type option enabling users to temporarily disable notifications while running full screen applications like video games where they do not wish to be interrupted.

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