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Avenger on C: Drive

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This is a weird one.

Last week I saw a folder named 'Documents' on my c: drive root. There was also a .txt file named avenger.txt.

I did not create these.

I thought I must've installed the anti-malware program 'avenger'. The avenger.txt file is attached. It merely contains a log as if it is an anti-malware program. In fact, the text file gives the website:

Logfile of The Avenger Version 2.0, © by Swandog46


I can say with 100% accuracy that I did not install this program, good or bad...

The folder 'documents' is empty.

Now fast-forward to today. I was looking in my C: drive as I moved a file there. And suddenly I see avenger.txt and the 'documents' folder appear again!

As I said, the only thing I run is malwarebytes.

What is this avenger thing? And why is it creating a log file without my knowledge?!


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Are you the sole user of this system? Home pc?

Avenger.txt is only a log file, created after a run of the tool Avenger. This tool should only ever be used with the guided help of an expert.

One must ask, where is this system and is it in a secure environmnet? in a network setting?

More important, does it have antivirus and anti-malware apps current & installed, and scanned on a regular basis?

What is the make of the AV product?

Do a full scan with your AV in both normal mode, and in Safe mode. See what results are.

Also, scan with MBAM. what are the results?

I am not looking for logs, but just the general findings.

It would appear someone is using a "torrent" for downloads, and quite possibly using flash-drives on the G drive.

A last caution, someone may be using warez or crack software, since I notice usage of a keygen in the Avenger log.

If it turns out this system has warez or cracks, we cannot help you, until all that is removed.

I am assuming you are the owner of this system.

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Thanks guys for your replies.

I am the owner and only use MBAM as protection (but I run questionable programs inside virtual machines which I delete every so often).

I happen to collect keygens... lol - I collect them for their music! Normally I rip out the music and delete the .exe's since they may well contain trojans. (of course I do all of this in virtual machines and inside sandboxie program)

But the thing is, I deleted the Avenger files last week and they just reappeared. Maybe MBAM installed a new version and therefore uninstalled an old version of itself, causing the files to come back??

Thanks, I'll take a look at the thread in your post.

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