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coinhive disaster solved (for me)


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FWIW if it helps someone. Sorry I can't find the string(s) I was in originally.

Had a problem with the coinhive mess, but I didn't know it. Machine slowed to a crawl and task manager showed chrome using more than 80% of CPU. 

Used adw, FRST, eset, malwarebytes, CC, researched for eons. Tried everything written on this subject here and everywhere else. Nothing. Only a problem in chrome. So bit the bullet and removed all addons, etc from chrome... went away. Started adding things back. Turned out, AdRemover FOR chrome was the culprit. 

Would never have known the miner was there if not for malwarebytes warning me of the problem. It couldn't remove it I suppose since it's a "legitimate"? program? 

At any rate, my i7 with 32 gigs of ram and an nvidea 930 once again runs like an i7 with 32 gigs of ram and an nvidia 930. :) 

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For future reference if you have trouble removing anything from Chrome it could be due to its sync and cache capabilities.  The instructions in this topic should resolve it, just make certain they are followed in the exact order written otherwise it won't work.

Also, with regards to various ad blocking plugins, the only two I'm familiar with that tend to come highly recommended from the security experts that I know are Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin.  I'm not familiar with either Adremover or AdBlocker, but I do know that Adblock and Adblock Plus have a lot of imitators, some of which are malicious or contain PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) and/or adware components and the like, meaning they aren't exactly providing the service for "free" even if it doesn't technically cost you any money (as was obviously the case with this miner that got installed).

I would also recommend using the report feature in the Chrome web store so that Google is made aware of the problem with the add-on, and so they may review it and remove it if they determine that what it's doing is against their terms of use (which in this case, it certainly would be).

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