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The VPN actually should not be expected to be seen as connected. Malwarebytes for iOS uses a feature of iOS called VPN on Demand, which usually means that it shows as not connected. This is normal behavior, and does not indicate any problem with Web Protection.

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The pic above is what will happen in a constant looping of the VPN and not the Malwarebytes VPN because it connects on demand when using Safari browser only which Malwarebytes has developed it to do. What took place above is when I did a restore from iTunes and it loaded the other VPN I was using and that’s what caused the looping issues because there were conflicting one another VPNs. 

I would suggest that you uninstall any current VPN and settings that are related.

Then I would uninstall Malwarebytes version 1.0.13 and reinstall it through TestFlight.  

Then you will see that there is no more looping and the test site will then work correctly.

Note you will have to whitelist the site while you’re on it. You will see the option on the site for exclusions. Also note that at the present time you cannot add the site manually or by copying and paste until they fix that bug. 

You will find the Malwarebytes VPN setting in General / VPN.

Click on the Malwarebytes explanation mark and you will see the Malwarebytes VPN setting.

I hope that answers all your questions and if not I would think a Staff member would step in. 

Also today there an iSO security update 11.3.1. 

I would install that last. 



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The latest update, 1.0.13 (1) “fixed” the issue I was having, in that the iptest site now is blocked.  I did not need to uninstall any other VPN profiles.  However my concern now is that this is not a true VPN.  When using the MB VPN, my actual IP address and location are exposed, and I am assuming that no encryption of (all) outbound traffic occurs.  Hopefully future updates will provide true VPN protection.

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As posted in the other thread you start: 

The Staff answered your question. I’m very certain that you may have issues with other VPNs in real time that will conflict with Malwarebytes on demand VPN in the future. Just saying and if not you’re very lucky if that doesn’t become a issue in the future for you. I haven’t had any luck so far running any Real time VPNs as to this date. 

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I have a different take on this.  I have four VPN’s I have been trying out.  They all play together nicely and it is not possible for me to run more than one at a time, so a conflict with the MB VPN is unlikely.  However, if there is a conflict I would have to say Malwarebytes “not-VPN” would be the problem.  Not the other way round.

The latest update seems to have cured the problem and the Web Protection now seems to be running the way it is intended to function.


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