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False Positives - All VB6 programs


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Hello.  Recently all my VB6 programs are getting quarantined after recompiling them.  The older ones that were compiled months or years ago are ok, but as soon as I make a change to one now and recompile it, it gets flagged as MachineLearning/Anomalous and quarantined as soon as I try to run it.  I'm attaching zipped exe's and reports for two of them, but it's really all of them it's happening to.   Any thoughts or ideas welcome.  Thanks. 





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Well here's three more.  Hopefully this helps.  I can't do them all.   After further testing I see that not all are treated the same by MWB:


Counter-blocked.zip:  The old exe from a couple of years go was blocked without recompiling it today.  The one attached here is after I recompiled it again today and it got blocked again.


morsflsh-ok.zip: The old exe from a couple of years ago ran fine and didn't get blocked.

morsflsh-blocked.zip:  After re-compiling it today it got blocked.


lights-ok.zip: The old exe from a couple of years ago ran fine and didn't get blocked.

lights-stillok.zip:  After recompiling it today this one was still ok and didn't get blocked.













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On 4/17/2018 at 8:55 PM, Atribune said:

Could you send me all of them please.

Thanks for trying to help.  Much appreciated.  They're all still getting detected and quarantined when I try to run them but it's ok.  I added exclusions for the folder they're all located in and I can use them again now.     

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Can confirm. 

I'm a hobbyist VB6 programmer and whenever I try to send a compiled executable to my friends, it gets quarantined on their end.

In fact, this is reproducible with a blank VB6 project. If you create a blank project and then immediately compile it without adding any code or content, the resulting EXE will be flagged as Anomalous 96% when unzipping or running.

I've compiled a blank VB6 app and attached it for demonstration.

blank vb6 app.7z

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