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Error 1073 - protection module won't work

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Hi All,

after last database update ver 2699 I'm getting "error 1073" when applying protection module (see image please)

Then MBAM protection module stops working and there is no way to restore it.

I tried to uninstall MBAM and have new reinstallation with no success.

It happens in all my PCs:

- HP Laptop with Vista home premium SP 2+ Eset Smart Security 4.0 + Winpatrol Plus + JavaCool Spyware Blaster 4.2

- PC desktop running XP PRO SP 3 + Avira antivirus premium 9.0 + Agnitum OutPost 6.5.1 - 2009 free + SpywareBlaster 4.2

- Toshiba lapotop running XP home SP 3 + Dr Web antivirus 5.0 + Windows Firewall on + SpywareBlaster 4.2

I'm behind a router, MBAM has full access to the internet

any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance


[EDIT to add] I've just noticed that after a while I get this new error (code 2)


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Hi ya,

Please update and then reboot your pc.Does the error still persist ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi thank you

I updated MBAM just now but unfortunately the error persists :D

[ EDIT to say] FIXED, I had forgot to reboot, sorry :)

Now protection module works perfectly again.

Thank you so much


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I'm having the same problems on a Dell Laptop, WindowsXP, TrendMicro.

Several months ago I made the adjustments required for Malwarebytes to play nice with TrendMicro. It's been fine.

I notice now that at noon (when my daily system updates is scheduled to start), that the rules.ref file was updated, and that a zero length file named mbamservice.exe.mdmp was modified. This would have been when update 2699 was installed. (I added 2700 shortly after.)

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Yep. I didn't see leofelix's note on success with reinstalling until after I posted.

It worked after uninstall, reboot, and then reinstall. I didn't seem to need reboot after that, but I did anyway.

My virus protections weren't letting me download the 1.40 installer, so rather than trying to track that all down, I used the 1.36 installer that was still sitting on my computer and made updates from there. It seems to have worked.

Thanks for the info and the quick easy fix!

tommy t

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