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Dualboot windows 7 and linux, ad aware removal, windows wont boot up again.

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i have windows 7 dual installed with linux working just fine, and then i downloaded a torrent file with a codec pack exe file, and the video would'nt still work, so i uninstalled software from the uninstaller in windows, and i ran a adaware from malwarebytes, and then it cleaned it all up and then it restart, and wont boot up again, grub boot menu comes up and when i choose linux it starts, but when i choose windows it comes only blackscreen with this _/-  its "-" or "_" just blinking, nothing happends after that been on for hours nothing, when control alt delete it reboots. no sign of windows boot logo or anything else. how can i fix this asap?

thx in advance for everybit of information that might help :))


im currently logged into my linux.

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Probably going to be very difficult to fix. Need to try to get into the Start Menu for Windows 7 and choose Last Known Good and it should start. Depending on how you have dual boot setup though getting there could prove difficult. Normally just tap the F8 key when the computer starts up. Have to try it very quickly after telling Grub to run Windows


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Yes, unfortunately, that is the sort of things one has to work with and learn when dual booting or customizing the OS beyond what the vendor supports.

Do you have Windows boot media?

Couple things come to mind. One is that the Userinit setting is wrong in Windows. But, it could also be that grub is not providing the path to Windows.

If you can boot to a repair or install disk with Windows PE or a Windows 10 ISO image you might be able to check the Registry key and make sure userinit is set there correctly. Though if you're getting a blinking cursor it sounds like you're not getting to Windows at all so a registry issue would not be the cause.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]


If Grub is no longer finding Windows 7 then you might be able to rescan and update grub




If Windows boot is actually broken you might need to run a fixmbr which would almost certainly break Linux boot as well but then you could reinstall Grub and both should then work. 

Make sure your data is backed up though before you make too many changes.



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