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Re-post - I've been hit by a bug and Malwarebytes won't run

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I already posted this but it looks like the post has been deleted. Maybe somebody replied but I didn't get to answer it in time as I am at work. Anyway, here goes again. Hope somebody can help as my computer is as good as useless right now.

This is my first post so I hope I can give you the right information so that you can perhaps help me out.

I have an HP computer running Windows Vista and I use Avira Anti Vir Guard as well as Malwarebytes. In fact I find Malwarebytes picks up much more than Avira! I update both programmes pretty much every couple of days and run scans at least once a week if not more as I have been hit with some bugs in the past.

Last week I found that Google was being hijacked. The Google search page would come up and when I entered a search it would return a blank screen. I then found that something was disabling the online protection feature of Anti Vir Guard and it wouldn't let me switch it back on.

I was getting an Avira warning any time I went near the computer keyboard. It was saying that it had detected a WIN32 Trojan Agent .

My first port of call when this happens would have been Malwarebytes but I was unable to launch it. I tried deleting the software and re-downloading it but with no joy. I then tried downloading Malwarebytes on to a memory stick from my son's computer, installing it on the memory stick and then tried to scan my computer but it would not let me do that either. I also tried all this with the computer started in safe mode.

I got Adaware to run and it identified a bug called TR/Alureon.20480C.1. It said it had deleted it but needed to reboot the computer to complete the deletion. When I reboot the computer and run the Adaware scan the bug is back.

I can't do a system restore which I thought might help as there are no system restore points set now.

Now, whenever I start up in normal mode the computer tells me there is a problem and closes itself down.

I was beginning to think that the only thing I could do would be a complete system re-install but can't bear to think that might be the only solution.

ANY help would be very gratefully received.

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