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I just downloaded and ran the new version of AdwCleaner. The program deleted Ask and also shows: Delete Tracing Keys and Reset Winsock. The new version is much different. Could anyone help me understand how to use it correctly?


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Also the documentation page might need to get updated, but the selection meanings remain the same:


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    • Proxy Remove every proxies.
    • Winsock settings: Reset every Winsock settings to fix connections troubles. (On by Default)
    • TCP/IP settings: Reset TCP/IP settings : correct settings will be automatically restored if the network uses DHCP. Otherwise the reset must made manually.
    • Firewall settings: Reset every firewall rules.
    • IPSec settings: Reset IPSec settings. It's a protocol used to established encrypted connection between hosts. It can cause connection troubles due to specific malicious software.
    • BITS queue: Empty the "Background Intelligent Transfer Service" queue. It's used to transfer files (like software or signatures updates) between hosts, but it can cause connection troubles.
    • IE policies: Delete every Internet Explorer policies and set the ones by default.
    • Chrome policies: Delete every Google Chrome policies and set the ones by default.
    • Chrome preferences: Reset each profile preferences.
    • Hosts file: Remove the Hosts file and replace it by an empty Hosts file.


    • Tracing" keys: Delete all Tracing keys. They are used by several malwares.
    • Image File Execution Options: Delete all subkeys from HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion
    • Prefetch files: Delete all .pf files from C:\Windows\Prefetch



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You're welcome:)

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