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This is not an F/P. This IP is on a range well known for malicious content.


If this site is indeed legit, I'd suggest asking the owner to move it to a non-malicious IP range. If this is not possible, I believe the new version of Malwarebytes AntiMalware, coming out within a week or so, will provide a whitelist you can use to exclude this IP from the block if required.

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Blocks this IP when Outlook checks for mail at www.mail15.com

I have the same "issue". The IP belongs to www.pochta.ru and mail15.com is just one of their many free email servers. I am also a user of one of their other free e-mail servers so, I too get the 'blocked' message. At this time, the only way I can send or receive e-mail is to untick "Website blocking" after right clicking on the MalwareBytes icon in the task bar and then re-enabling it again later. Maybe some form of "exceptions" list could be incorporated in to the website blocking feature.....

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There is an exceptions list. Once the IP has been blocked, right click the icon and add it to the ignore list.

Aaaahhhhhhh (ding, sounds of light coming on etc)... I was looking at the wrong place. The way I read it, I was supposed to open the program, click the Ignore List tab and add the IP to that list. I could not find a way of adding to that list as there is no 'add' button...... and, I was right clicking the ICON ok, but at first the eyes didn't see the "Add to Ignore List" in the list. Amazing what the eyes choose to not see :-)

Perhaps an ADD button could be added to tht Ignore List page for dopes like me.

Anyway, I have now added the previously blocked ip to that ignore list Thankyou MysteryFCM.


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