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I have not logged-in for a long time, so I had to create a new account.  I used JRT yesterday, but it will not open today.  There is supposed to be another two weeks before EOL.

JRT removes Temp. files that are left by my other cleaners.  I would appreciate having this ability added to one of your remaining products.  I used JRT long before your company acquired it, and will miss its capabilities.  I purchased MBAM years ago and I have downloaded AdwCleaner, either would be acceptable for this addition.  Thank you.

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Just an additional note from the download page for TFC:


Please note TFC is not suitable for use on Windows 8.1 or 10

So if you're using a newer OS, I'd recommend using something like CCleaner portable.  While not exactly as lightweight, it should do the job (I actually used both in the past when I was a tech as I often found one would remove some temp/junk items the other would not).

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By the way, another I've used in the past is ATFCleaner by Malwarebytes' own Atribune (a member of the Research team).  However, much like TFC, it hasn't really been updated for modern Windows versions.  It mentions Vista and some modifications made to it for safety on that OS, however nothing of 7 or newer Windows versions is mentioned and it hasn't had an update in a long time so I wouldn't advise using it on anything newer than XP.

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