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How do I brush up on my IT skills?


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I've always felt that my A+ was nowhere near as comprehensive as it should of been. Is there anything I can study to get a more indepth feel for working on machines, removing malware and doing installations? Or should I just take a refresher course on things?


Thanks guys, I appreciate the help.

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I'd like to focus more indepth on system recovery and deployment. Focusing on manually removing malware, improving performance and understanding the registry for example. I'm also looking for resources on distributed computing and capacity planning.


Thanks for taking the time to help, I appreciate it.

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To understand malware means to understand an operating system in-depth and malicious activity.  That all begins with a good foundation in programming starting with machine code and ending with interpreted and compiled languages.

CompTIA A+ only concentrates on hardware and a little on networking.  For understanding distributed computing and capacity planning you'll need to understand computer technology and thus a Baccalaureate in Computer Science is suggested.

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Learning scripting of various types can also be helpful.  I've often used Batch/command line scripting and other tools for diagnostics, repair, as well as basic malware removal functions in the past.  Here's a few references you might find helpful:


It also couldn't hurt to learn some PowerShell now that it's become more prominent in recent Windows OS releases (and tends to be far more versatile and powerful often times than standard CMD/batch tools).  MS has some good references on some basics with PowerShell and you should be able to find info around the net.

It's also a good idea to learn the various tools of the trade.  Things like MS Sysinternals library of utilities, which can come in quite handy for tons of different purposes, including systems administration as well as basic and advanced system software and hardware diagnostics, malware detection and removal and troubleshooting of all sorts of issues related to Windows.

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PCs, PDAs, and other cell phones are advancing to wind up more easy to understand and convenient. You're likely utilizing a PC, advanced mobile phone or tablet consistently and taking in another or distinctive approach to doing things which may evacuate any dithering you need to procure a degree on the web.

Taking part in an online degree program can enable you to pick up understanding, learn new aptitudes and grow your insight, possibly prompting profession openings that might not have been achievable something else. Online tutorials can be a helpful option also. 

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