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I have an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S8+ with Malwarebytes (updated) on it.  I'll try to explain this to the best of my ability.  I had it scheduled to run a scan daily.  However, it doesn't seem to complete the scan, for there is a notification that stays there that says "Scan Running."  When I tap on that it takes me to the Malwarebytes app and it seems to be locked up at the end of the scan.  I hit "Stop," and then it says scan complete.  I hope that I explained it correctly.  I didn't take any screen shots, however, I can if needed.  Is this a known issue?

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The issue may be resolved.  First of all, I'm running 8.0 Oreo on the phone, and when I do a scan on demand, it works fine.

I uninstalled Malwarebytes and reinstalled it.  I scheduled a scan and it now worked fine.  I'll give it a few days to see if it is fixed for good.

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It's acting up again.  Even though I don't have the box checked to do a scan if I reboot, it just did when I rebooted.  And then it locked up again during the scan.  The notification bar said "Running a scan," without the progress bar.  When I went to the program, it said "Preparing to scan," but was locked up (it stayed that way for about 5 minutes).  I hit the stop button.  I then manually ran a scan and it worked fine.  I then checked the box to run a scan upon reboot (just to see what would happen), and I rebooted.  It ran the scan fine.  Malwarebytes for Android seems pretty buggy.  It seems like it's trying to run a scan when it is not supposed to and locks up during it.  Are there fixes coming? 

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@VabadusSince I did not hear anything on this forum, I contacted support and they issued me a support ticket.  Support said in an email to me:

"When you uncheck the scan after reboot option, can you power off the device for 2-3 mins then power it back on?
Let me know if that resolves your issue".

I did that and it may have resolved the issue.  It's too soon to tell,  for it's an intermittent issue.  I'll give it a few more days to see, and if it happens again, I'll provide an issue report and a screenshot.  Thanks.

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@VabadusThe issue is happening again.  I have Malwarebytes set to scan my phone weekly on a Sunday at 7:00am.  Well, it's Wednesday.  I just updated some apps through Google Play, then restarted the phone, and it started to run a scan.   The notification just said scan is running, with no progress bar.  That's because it locked up again after running 1 second.  

I keep forgetting to get a screenshot.  If anyone has any suggestions how to fix this (I did an uninstall and reinstall of Malwarebytes, and that didn't help), please let me know.  Otherwise if it happens again, I'll remember to take screenshots.

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2 hours ago, thelordpuffer said:

Is this a dead forum?

It is a bit quiet on this android forum.

Both myself and MAM have reported a similar freeze (and the issue of automatic scans being carried out even when you have unchecked them).

With myself and MAM it seemed to freeze when trying to scan the location of non-existent SDcards.
I notice that your last screenshot says it was trying to scan "/storage/....../.nomedia"

So maybe it's something to do with MB trying to scan non-existent added storage locations, and locking up when it can't find them?

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Thanks for the response.  I'm getting pretty frustrated that MAM does not work properly on my Android.  I may just remove it.

I have a MicroSD Card in my phone, so it's not locking up due to the lack of one.  It shouldn't be running a scan in the first place.  Their developers cannot fix the unchecked scan issue?

I'll give it another couple of weeks and if their is no update that fixes it, then I'll just remove it.  Thanks again.  Well, that was my little rant.....sorry.....Cheers!


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