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Malwarebytes does not scan all files network drive

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I have a network share mapped to U:

I setup a custom scan to scan U: which has about 2Gb of stuff on it.

I start the scan and it ends in 21s.   You can't tell me it is that efficient.  It goes through 27,000 items before it hits the heuristics scan then jumps to 142,569 items scanned.

I do not think it is scanning them all.   I did a clean uninstall and ran the uninstaller they have and it does the same thing.  Attached is the log of that.

Any suggestions on why it does this.  If I run spybot SD it takes a much longer time to scan all these files.





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If you are looking to just scan files on the "U drive", I would suggest to create a custom scan and un-check all the extra scan options. 

See sample screenshot:

  • On my test unit I have and E drive, but you should be able to just select your U drive
  • Capture.PNG.0b9ecef382c2f580281d400b0eb5593c.PNG


For the second part--to find out if everything is being scanned

  1. Download and extract the attached file (filecount.zip)
  2. Run the extracted "filecount.bat" as administrator (right-click the .bat file and select Run as Administrator)
    1. I already configured the bat file to use your U drive
    2. This will save a "filecount.txt" on your Desktop, leave it there for later
  3. Setup a custom scan with all options unchecked (see screenshot above for sample of how to run a scan that'll count files correctly without running memory scans)
  4. Once the scan finishes select "Export Summary" at the bottom, followed by "Text File (*.txt)" option
  5. Name the file and save it where you can find it (Desktop is usually a good place)
  6. When you get a prompt stating "Your file has been successfully exported.", click OK
  7. Upload the exported scan text file (that you saved in the previous step) and "filecount.txt" from Step 2 in your reply





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Thank you for providing those logs. I talked to some engineers and we currently do not support that feature. We support the scan of attached drives, but if its a mapped network drive, MB3 will not run through the files on that network and it is expected.

Note: If something malicious does run from that location, we will pick it up still since it'll load into memory but on-demand scans won't behave the same way they would with non-networked storage devices.

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