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Greetings :)

Ransomware, like all malware, changes constantly in an attempt to evade detection and to infect as many systems as possible so there are no guarantees, however, given the current trend of a heavy reliance on exploits to infect systems and the fact that ransomware's behavior (including the behavior of Thanatos) is fairly consistent, the anti-exploit and anti-ransomware components in Malwarebytes Premium,  both of which do not rely on signatures like traditional anti-malware and antivirus solutions, but instead each use behavior based algorithms and signature-less detection capabilities to stop attacks before an infection can take hold, I would be confident that your system is safe from this threat.

In addition, you can take further measures to protect yourself by keeping current backups of all of your important files and documents on a separate storage device such as an external drive or a cloud backup service (and if you do use an external drive, such as a USB hard drive or flash drive, do NOT leave it plugged into the computer when you aren't performing a backup of your files, otherwise it could fall prey to infection should your system be infiltrated by ransomware or any other threat that modifies files).  Keeping good backups is a good idea anyway, not just because of the possibility of infection by malware, but also in case your system is stolen, has a fatal system crash or hardware failure that results in loss of data (drives fail all the time, and if you have files that are important to you, it's always a good idea to keep backups as insurance against the worst case scenario).

I hope that helps set your mind at ease.  If there's anything else we can answer for you or anything that we can assist you with please don't hesitate the let us know.

Thanks :) 

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