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Malwarebytes causing freezing/hangs

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I currently have 9 users across 3 clients with intermittent freezing which sometimes recovers but mostly the computer completely hangs and requires a hard reboot (users are on Windows 7 and Windows 10. We have tried everything we can think of Windows updates, driver updates, firmware updates, bios updates, virus scans, root kit scans, (everything came back clean), etc. The only common software between the clients is MS Office, chrome, firefox and Malwarebytes V1.80.2.1012 (Corporate), MBAE, MBAM Anti-Ransomware with the latest definition updates. We did remove all Malwarebytes applications on 3 computers at one client had the issues seem to be gone - 2 days with no freezing. Previously, each computer was freezing/hanging multiple times per day.

Is there currently a bad update or known issue that may be causing these issues?

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added that MBAM is corporate edition
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I also have a similar problem with crashing.


I am using the MS Office Business package that was provided by the subscription to our GoDaddy service.  This problem is happening on 2 different computers - that are not in the same network. I have been experiencing the biggest problem with my Microsoft WORD program (although it also occurs while using Publisher and Excell)

The program freezes and then crashes.

This always happens if I try to insert a picture into a word doc- but if I copy the picture and then paste it- the program doesn't freeze. It is not only images that cause the freeze- it can happen for any reason at any time, but its inconsistent.  Only when I attempt to insert an image am I guaranteed to crash.  

I have read on different forums that this is a common problem and it is linked to the Malware program

What can be done to correct this?

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Hello @turbote1  @SPIINC


Please try the following and let us know.

Malwarebytes 3.4.5 - patch release

Direct download link. Install over the top of your current installation

Thank you



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@turbote1 @SPIINC issues with browsers, office and MB is usually centered on Anti-Exploit. We wouldn't get very far if our solution that is meant to all run together, is not working when running together!

If your MBAE is conflicting with a browser/office add-on or a script you use to open things like printers and doc functions, we will need to review the MBAE logs to see if you are facing a known issue and need to upgrade to a later build where the conflict is fixed, or you're the first one and your data will help write a new version to fix a conflict. At any rate, we'll need you guys zip up the entire “C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit” folder from the client with the issue and attach it to your reply.

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