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Below is an email I received yesterday. It had a Word file attached as a resume. I downloaded it and all of my files are locked now. Malwarebytes got rid of the virus but files are still locked. Now what do I do.






Monica Deal <0f8b4466083130dfa7debce430f7747e@reply.craigslist.org>

AttachmentsMar 15 (1 day ago)
to f2hnn-65041430.


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Hi MitchPeters :)

Can you .zip the email file (you can save the email on your computer) and attach it here?

Also, sadly at the moment, files encrypted by Sigma Ransomware cannot be decrypted for free. So the only thing you can do is restore them from a recent backup, if you have one. I suggest that you follow the thread below on BleepingComputer for further development, news, etc. regarding Sigma.


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In that case, your best bet is to monitor the Sigma Ransomware thread on BleepingComputer, and hope that a free decryption solution will be released in the future.

This being said, stay safe Mitch!

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Glad we could help.

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