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Do I need to do anything

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I might be paranoid but better safe than sorry, right?  Yesterday my email account through Comcast (username@comcast.net) got hacked and I lost a bunch of important emails.  I'm afraid that while the account was under the control of someone/thing else I also got hit with malware and they deleted the email used to cover their tracks.

Would you advise that I run a scan to see if there's something in there which shouldn't be?  At this point, I'm not seeing any adverse effects but, like I said, I'm paranoid.


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It's always advisable to run a scan whenever you suspect that malware might be involved.

That being said, there is no currently known way to use e-mail to infect a Mac by simply reading it. You would have to at least open an attachment or click on a link yourself in order for that to happen.

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They'd need to have control of your Mac, not just the email account in order to actually download and execute any attachments so you should be safe.  The worst they could have done is harvest your contacts (you might want to warn those in your contacts list for that account that it got hacked and that they may see some spam/scam/malicious emails in the near future, possibly spoofing your address to look like you sent them as that's a common tactic they use).

If there aren't any suspicious emails in your inbox then you should be fine.  They also might have used your account to send out malicious emails already, to your contacts and possibly others.  For example, if the bad guys already had a large list of addresses they wanted to spam they could have imported a custom contacts list and sent a bunch of messages from your email while they had control of it.  If you can contact Comcast it might be a good idea to see if they can check your recent activity for your email address to see what they might have sent while it was compromised.

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