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Having recently signed up for the cloud endpoint solution for our company, I'm finding it a bit frustrating not to be able to do some fairly obvious simple things - maybe I'm missing something, but if not, could these features be considered?

Some examples

On the Detections page...

I can't filter by Endpoint, or sort by any columns.

More importantly I can't delete detection records, so this list will just grow to an unmanagable size - I want to be able to remove entries once I have dealt with them (e.g. if I need to talk to a user about what's been found I want to then remove it once that's done).

On the Endpoints page...

There is no way to assign additional information to the detected Endpoints - so I have to keep a separate look-up of endpoint name to the person/department that's using it which is just a real PITA. It would be so much more usable if there were a "User" free-format field available which could then be filtered on elsewhere.

On the Events page...

It is swamped by Info entries but what I really want is Warnings and Severe, but I can only have one or the other as a filter.

On the Dashboard...

The Endpoints box is misleading - it's fine to have info based on the past 72 hours available somewhere, but I don't want to see that there is an infection registered when I know it was cleared 2 days ago - a dashboard should have up-to-date information. Also I don't really see that a successfully blocked outbound connection to a dodgy website should count as an infection when it's just the user trying to access a website that they don't know is dodgy (for example I have an infection registered for trying to visit quickremovevirus.com, which is obviously far less severe than finding genuine malware installed on the machine).

Anyway, hope this is useful feedback and if I've misunderstood any of this and missed how to do this then please laet me know.



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I've been using the cloud console for a while now with over 1000 endpoints. It's quite an evolving creature and getting better with each release. It's frustrating that software development is so "quick to the market" and not polished at release. How about two factor authentication to login? I agree with your evaluation. They need to get some more people developing this and QA. An up-to-date road-map would be nice to have available to the customers.

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Thank you sharing your feedback and suggestions to help improve our products.

We’re pleased to inform you that the majority of these requests are on our roadmap, and plan to make these available throughout the year.

Column sorting will be added to various pages throughout the console.  As a near-term solution, one thing that may help for now is generating an on-demand report (via the Reports tab), which will export the contents to a CSV file.

Regarding the ability to filter by endpoint from the Detections page, today you can click on the endpoint name from that page, and be taken to the properties page for that particular endpoint.  From there, clicking on the Detections tab will let you view data relevant to that specific endpoint.  (If for some reason I've misunderstood your request, please clarify so that I fully understand your use case.)

To assist with assigning additional information to endpoints with detections, we’re planning to introduce custom tags, along with the ability to display the logged-in user.

A redesign of the Events and Tasks pages is also in the works, so that this data is easier to understand and manage.  Part of this change includes improved filter controls, allowing you to select multiple severity levels simultaneously.

We’re also making various improvements to the dashboard, including changes to how the Endpoints tile functions.  One improvement in particular is the addition of a new tile to display various endpoint statuses that require administrative attention – such as those that are infected, require a reboot, has updates pending, etc.

Two-factor authentication will also be available in the future.

Thank you,



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Back in October 2017 in another post, Dyllon said this:



There are many features planned and in store for you guys, with a target culmination of Q1 in 2018. I know you guys have had patience, thank you for that, but we all still need to hang tight. We welcome constructive feedback around what you want to see and be able to do in the cloud console, and those of us in support will do our best to help get your voices heard and steer the product towards that.

And now you're talking about features arriving over the course of the year - that's just dangling bait!

I'm still waiting for you to provide email alerts from infected clients.

I'm also patiently waiting for you to provide end-client reporting.

Please note that I'm not holding my breath for MSP-based monthly pricing, but absolutely require that before rolling this out to my client base.

I know you have monthly posts about the updates that are about to hit, but having a longer term view would help.

Along those lines, I'd like someone at Malwarebytes to hold a quarterly webinar that describes the product roadmap and to elicit additional feedback on features and directions.

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Email alerts are already available please click your name in the top right corner of your cloud console > My Account > Notifications

Here you should be able to set notifications to email for detection's

As well it may be beneficial to get in contact with sales to discuss a partner relationship if you are selling Malwarebytes to your clients



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I have the Email Notifications set for my account.

I have never received an email notification for threats found...

For the record: I am already a Malwarebytes partner, and I have been in touch with Sales - but they have been next to useless in terms of working with MSPs.

Pretty much every vendor that works with Managed Services Providers has a cloud-based product that can be purchased on either a monthly or annual basis.  Your company still has not figured out how to handle the former...

My accountant is pretty strict in counseling me that I'm not supposed to "upfront" thousands of dollars for a product when I'm not going to realize the funding from my clients for a full year.

He likes to say that deficit spending is something the government engages in, not MSPs...

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