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system 32 exe quarantined - is this correct?

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Apologies again, the post was not finished.

The nightly MB scan noted the following and I quarantined it:  Trojan.ServStart, C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\WERFAULT.EXE.

I thought virustotal said it wasn't suspicious, but I left it in quarantine.  This morning I received a "rundll32.exe - Application error".

Should this be left in quarantine or restored?

Thanks for your assistance.5aabca18ba7e5_applicationerror.JPG.c609cb7671f71a93e8d56750bdb51c90.JPG

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To Root Administrator (staff)

What is the point of having Malwarebytes?  I mean as these quarantined items show up the are of concern to us as users. We each research these items look around about the damage they do. (this one was referred to as ransomware by another website)  Must we spend our life floundering on the internet looking for useless information aided by more useless information. My computer has been sluggish all morning. I'm digging, trying to find out why. I stumble upon this crap.  Doh OK I'll update and restore a file  that uses the name "Trojan" and had been "Quarantined" by an application I put on my computer to keep my work safe. Yeah, this makes sense sure.

What a waste of time.  Sorry Dave



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