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Even though I pay for Malwarebytes, my 'front end access' always states I am using Malwarebytes FREE.
I have just paid again - BUT no email from Malwarebytes with Activation Code
AND at suggestion of Malwarebytes while I was making my last payment, I agreed to installation of Malwarebytes on my android phone.
I was informed Malwarebytes had downloaded to my phone BUT where is it?
Does Malwarebytes actually exist or is it Malware?
- Lynne

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Tried to email Malwarebytes my problem BUT they run a NO REPLY system which is always a sign of poor Customer Service.
So will continue here ...

An email just asked me to sign up for an account - even though I am logged in to an account.
I followed instructions - set up another account and message says:

You don't have any subscriptions right now, but if you purchase one, you'll see it here.

So what am I paying for and where does the money go?

I want this sorting out today. I can't keep trying to activate my Malwarebytes subscription. I have other things to do! It should happen automatically.

Lynne Haywood

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  • Staff

Hi @ChesterfieldLynne,

Try this from our Malwarebytes for Android FAQs:

I used Malwarebytes for Android to buy a license.  Why won't Malwarebytes for Android upgrade to Premium?

Reboot your Android device to activate Malwarebytes for Android Premium.  Malwarebytes for Android should upgrade to Premium automatically, and it may help to turn your Android device off and on.

To verify you have Malwarebytes for Android Premium:

  1. Open Malwarebytes for Android.
  2. Tap the menu icon.
  3. Scroll down to General.
  4. Tap Premium.
  5. Look for a Your Premium account is activated message, as shown below.



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No - my payment is for Malwarebytes on Laptop Windows 10.
Even though I pay, I do not receive an activation code and so I only have the FREE version.

While making that last payment, Malwarebytes suggested I try it on my android phone - so I agreed and was told it downloaded.
There is no Malwarebytes on my phone AND I only have FREE version on laptop - even though I pay.
Is it really worth all this hassle?

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  • Root Admin

Hello @ChesterfieldLynne

Sorry, you're having issues with licensing. Have you checked your email junk or spam folders for an email from either Cleverbridge or Avangate?


Your license and purchase information should have been sent to the email address you used for the purchase. For the phone, you would need to visit the Google Play Store and search for Malwarebytes and then install the app on your phone. If you purchased multiple device protection then the same license key should work for both devices.

If you need additional help, please let me know.

Thank you



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Hello Ron,
I just found my activation key - March 2017 and activated it.
Today happens to be the renewal date.
So, for a whole year, the account was not activated!
I have again confirmed I want to renew Malwarebytes.
Hope two payments will not be taken?
My Premium Account says it is for 3 items - does this include my phone?
Thanks for your help.

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