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Dropper.Gen (trojan) downloaded from this Forum


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Not sure if this is normal , so understand this post as an alert to the Mod .

I use to track this Suggestion Forum , and got an email about a new topic :

the email body (and the topic , of course) contains a link that downloads LnKnZOte.rar.part ,

blocked by Avira ( as a TR/Dropper.Gen(Trojan) .

This is the copy of the email , DO NOT ACTIVATE THE LINK (HTTP://....=6166) BELOW :

----- Original Message -----

From: "Malwarebytes Forum" <no-reply@malwarebytes.org>

Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2009 12:21:47 +0000

Subject: Forum Subscription New Topic Notification ( Malwarebytes Forum )

JRF, sony_georgiev has just posted a new topic entitled "Suggestion" in forum "Comments and Suggestions".


Now with manual scan of archived RAR file I see that, MB scan 1 file only.

In archive are 9 files... + settings of deep level scan up to 10 levels.

And please add


to signature update.


The topic can be found here:


Edited by AdvancedSetup
Removed hyperlink to infected file - please do not post hyperlinks to infected files in this forum
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Hello, the link is an attachment for database update and detections.

The user should have used to compress with a password, so it wouldn't be detected. Ignore or deny access. A moderator will take care of this.

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To JRF -

Did your normal anti virus inform you as you opened the link or was it too late ?? -

Avira tends to notify me as I open anything like this and quarantines it prior to letting it in -

I have been hit by a few on Yahoo (it can be bad) but I seem to get by - Even though I run a MBAM scan all I find is the quarantined item in Avira -

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To noknojon -

Thanks for your interest .

As I said Avira blocked the file , asked me for an action , and I chose to delete it .

Details :

I get all my emails via POP Peeper 3.5 , which I use to run with Message Viewing = Rich Text (i.e. links are showed , but no HTML is executed without consent , so my computer is hardly going to be infected by any email content) .

Clicking the link (which I carelessly understood from the text as an article) , the download was in fact done by my default browser (Firefox 3.5.2) to a temp area , then Firefox presented the usual popup asking if the file should be opened|saved|canceled .

That was when Avira blocked all the operation , including the Firefox popup buttons .


Yes , I use to update/quick-run MBAM daily , but normally keep Avira's Quarantine empty .

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