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Possible infection of Windows 8.1

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Hey Guys,

I think I am infected with a virus that i got a few hours ago.

I went to bed and it took 30 minutes to shut down.
And today when I turned on computer i can't access many items and computer is laggy (bad).

Malwarebytes 3 keeps crashing when I try a threat scan.
I tried to run chameleon and it says it can find Mbam and says it will download and to restart.
When I restart nothing happens and it takes 10 minutes to restart.

I have been able to run a free online scan from Eset and it has not found anything yet.


Not sure how i got a virus as i run Kaspersky and Malwarebytes licensed version.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Hey Guys,

Attached is the FRST & addition files.
I could not get Malwarebytes to complete a threat scan and spent hours with it trying.
I am now running a online eSet scan and will post when it is complete.
For the attached logs my system users were edited by me I removed my last name and replaced it with xxxxxx's.
Hope that was ok? did not want my name floating around.

I will say one thing It seems whatever is happening to my system it has deleted or corrupted my Logitech Gaming software.
Every one of my gaming profiles is missing so nothing is shown in it.


I should note even windows and my mouse are acting up bad today.
It is seeming to double click when I am in explore trying to open folders.
If I click a file it goes right to the name change  and does not let me select anything to open it.
I tried a 2nd mouse and it has same issue. mice work fine on other systems.

Hope that makes sense.

Also just so you know I ran the latest Microsoft Malicious Software Removal  on quick scan and it found nothing.

Also I ran SFC /scannow from cmd as admin and it found no issues.

Thanks in advance



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