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Wajam Search Redirect Help

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Hi All,

I am having an issue where when I do a google search, it redirects to yahoo search, but shows as search.yahoo wajam. I cannot figure out how to remove this. I tried Malwarebytes and it is not picking it up. I tried chrome extensions and wajam is not listed.  I removed all extensions and even removed chrome and tried to reinstall.  It only affects google search.   Anything I can do. This happens on all browsers. I am assuming it is spyware?   I have looked at many wajam removal sites, but I do not have anything on my mac that has wajam.  Here are some screenshots after google searching the word "test".  Then someone suggesting altering my DNS which I tried too.  Malwarebytes comes up clean.

Please see what a google search for the word test redirects to. It completely changes to wajam yahoo. I do not have any wajam on my computer.


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Not sure why you would believe this is spyware. Certainly appears to be adware that redirects.

First check to see if you just need to change your search engine preferences. See How can I reset my browser's home page and search settings on Mac?

If that doesn't take care of it, do you have any other computers or devices on your network that show similar behavior?

It's unlikely that an extension would be named wajam since it evidently tricked you into installing and doesn't want you to easily remove it. Were there any that you don't recall installing? If you still have it or know where you got it or it's name that might be helpful to the developer.

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It actually has nothing to do with my homepage or browser.  I have tried everything possible including removing chrome using terminal and reinstalling.  What search engine preferences would I need to change?  It is currently set to chrome as default browser and google.com as my homepage.

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I was referring to the section on “Managing your search engines” but based on the screen shots, that's a long shot. I was more interested in seeing answers to the other questions I asked.

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Another thought, since it involves all browsers, I suppose it could be an Internet Plug-In.

Chrome has removed the ability to see what Plug-Ins are in use, so you can either check Safari Preferences->Websites and look toward the bottom of the left column


Check the contents of the following two folders:

~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins (where ~ means /Users/<YourUserName>)

/Library/Internet Plug-Ins

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30 minutes ago, U2Boy said:

I just deleted all plugins and it did not help.

I wish you had simply listed them. Some of those were put there by your system and you would be well served if you still have them in your Trash Can to put them all back.

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  • Staff

Note that deleting Chrome and reinstalling does nothing useful in most cases. That doesn't do anything to remove Chrome's data files that control its behavior.

First, as Al suggested, I would recommend checking Chrome's search engine settings. Fixing browser settings is not something Malwarebytes for Mac does for you. See:


If you are unable to change the search engine setting, or if changing it has no effect on the problem, then there may be adware installed. In that case, we'll need to troubleshoot further.

Note that you should never go deleting files randomly. Al asked you to check the contents of two folders, not to delete anything from those folders. If we need to troubleshoot further, you're going to need to follow directions exactly. If you delete stuff that directions don't tell you to delete, you could end up screwing up the computer.

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