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3.4.4 shows no scheduled scans even though there are some

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OK, this is really strange.  Yesterday I was able to change my existing schedule to again show 2:00:00 AM daily.  It ran fine at 2 AM this morning.  The error on the dashboard has gone away... it now shows that the next scan is schedule for 2 AM tomorrow.  

Not sure what happened, but all looks fine now.


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Hello @BillH99999

Thank you for letting us know the issue does not exist anymore.

We tried to reproduce the issue in house using different permutations and combinations but were unable to do so.

Please keep an eye out and let us know if you see the issue again.

Thank you.

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One of our QA guys was testing around the same time as the recent DST time change and believes it was the reason you guys were seeing these problems with the scheduler.  If so, then the problem should be eliminated now, especially if you set the starting date for your scheduled scan to any day after the recent DST change which took place on March 11th.

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2 hours ago, Access Denied said:

@nikhils I also had the same error trying to create a schedule in the AM time frame with the same error in the screen shot in the thread. 

I also can confirm it is working for me now as well. I can create any AM time scheduled scan with no issues. 

Windows 10 64bit fully updated 

Same experience for me.

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