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Please modify your program to allow these 2 websites.ALL websites belonging to these 2 are blocked.



A personal website like http://www.angelfire.com/ak3/viperracing/ is just an example.

Please post to let me know what you will do about this and when.Thanks a bunch!



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Ok , the reason you blocked ALL  oocities.org sites is because ALL peoples sites worldwide with oocites.org have malicious files on ALL their sites also?.


ALL angelfire.com sites are blocked including the lycos link.


Just check the link I gave you as an example


Please advise.Thanks again!


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hi there,
Yes, that's too simple of a classification.  "spreading malicious files"  is false!
Correct: "We host some files classified as malicious historically" 
That is for example historic jokes used by kids in the 90's to "magically" open & close the CD drive of a desktop PC.
Microsoft VB script is history though. So it doesnt work anywhere.

We are a museum.  Most files didn't change since the 90s.   Few files were "malicious" back then but now they aren't anymore in any operating system and browser at all.   
While it is impossible to read all UGC,  we are cleaning it up for years now (and the few changes made still are moderated.)
(We  never "spread" anything. Most files in the archive did see 0 human visitors)

As a principle of archival we wont change (what doesn't need to be changed)
Still several security agencies use these historic malware classifications. 
Assumably they like to inflate the amount of "bad" URLs they were able to discover (and share with many other security databases)
- Or they care about the last windows 95 user in the world.  But if this user exists then i'm sure she would like the full geocities experience including the CD drive joke.

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