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Great upgrade to 3.4 - task manager question

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  • tetonbob changed the title to Great upgrade to 3.4 - task manager question
1 hour ago, Access Denied said:

Loving 3.4.4!!! I do have a question though..... Since the upgrade, I am now seeing Malwarebytes Tray Application in the top part of Task Manager. This was always in the lower part under Background processes. Is this a change in the latest version or did my install go a little wonky?



If you haven't already, try rebooting the system to see if it returns to normal.  I'm thinking it could possibly be due to the fact that following install, the tray is launched by an admin mode/user mode process (the installer) rather than the service like it normally would be.

If that doesn't restore it to normal you may try reinstalling, however if you wouldn't mind, please first gather and post the diagnostic logs as instructed here so that the Product team has a chance to take a look at your install just in case it turns out to be some kind of bug and they come in search of data.

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I had already reinstalled Malwarebytes mb3-setup-consumer- over the top of my current installation before I saw your post. It still shows at the top of Task Manager. 

Here are the requested files:

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OK, thanks.  I did notice that even though it appears that all of Malwarebytes protection components are active, Action Center is reporting that both Malwarebytes and Windows Defender are disabled.  I don't know if it's related or not, but you might try toggling the Action Center/Security Center setting in Malwarebytes to see if that changes anything.  Once you do, grab a new set of logs so we can see if it's reporting correctly now.

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@Access Denied

That is how it runs in our tests as well. As long as there is no significant usage happening, that is normal. 

Also--For the issue @exile360 mentioned, go to Settings > under "Application" look for "Windows Action Center" and ensure you have "Always register Malwarebytes..." toggled then reboot the computer. 



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When @exile360 posted about it, I toggled to Always Register. Then saw your post and rebooted. 

Nothing is abnormal about the memory and or cpu usage in Task Manager. I had originally posted to see if it was normal for this to happen as I had not seen it before. You posting the same results in testing confirms my thoughts on the matter. Thanks guys and please delete all my log files in this thread.


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