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Malwarebytes not keeping exclusions ticked

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Hello I have Malwarebytes Premium for Windows 10. 

When I input (tick) an exclusion type Website. The website is not excluded.

Furthermore, When I go back to the Exclusions setting after closing out the Malwarebytes program the website is no longer ticked. Please advise?


Malwarebytes un-ticked items Capture.PNG

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  • Staff

Greetings and welcome :)

Any item listed will be excluded.  The checkboxes do not need to be ticked/filled/checked in order for them to be active.  The checkboxes are there only for the purpose of manipulating the entries such as selecting specific ones to remove or edit.

Please let us know if there's anything else we might assist you with.

Thanks :) 

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  • Staff

That detection isn't from a website being blocked, it's from the anti-exploit component blocking your web browser from executing VBScript on that website.  VBScript is a type of scripting not typically used by modern websites and even Microsoft themselves advise against its use due to the inherent security risks and the fact that it's pretty much been rendered obsolete by newer, safer and better methods of scripting and providing active content on websites.

That said, typically Internet Explorer will itself block the use of VBScript, especially modern versions of IE on modern versions of Windows however there are cases where it does still appear to occur (I know because I've seen these very alerts myself in the past, though they vanished just as suddenly and mysteriously as they'd started).  I would recommend that if possible, you not allow the execution of VBScript and just live with the alerts for now, however if it's preventing you from reaching the site in question you have a couple of options.  You may use a different browser such as Firefox or one based on Chromium (such as Google Chrome or SRWare Iron), or you may disable the option which blocks the use of VBScript in Internet Explorer within Malwarebytes.  To do the second, you'll need to open Malwarebytes and go to Settings>Protection and below where it says Real-Time Protection click on the Advanced Settings button and beneath the first tab called Application Hardening uncheck the box next to Disable Internet Explorer VB Scripting then click Apply at the bottom.

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