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Android.Triada.231 Banking Trojan

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I bought a cheap Android 6.0 phone (LEAGOO M8 PRO) at the back end of last year and now read the news that this phone, amongst other cheap Chinese models, may have been loaded with the Android.Triada.231 banking trojan.


So I'd be glad to have your advice on whether a scan with Malwarebytes for Android would identify this if it were present on my device and, if so, would be able to remove it. The Bleeping Computer article suggests that wiping and reinstalling the OS may be the only solution, a process I've no experience of and would prefer to avoid!

Thanks for your help.

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Further to this, two of my friends with a similar LEAGOO phones (M8 rather than M8 Pro) have had virus issues in the last week and I'm hoping to visit them over the next couple of days to  find out if they have picked these up in the wild or whether they might have been installed before they got the phones. I'm told that one of the phones has been scanned with Malwarebytes on my advice and malware found but cleaning has been unsuccessful.My phone and that of another friend do not seem to have any issues.

I contacted LEAGOO when I first learned about the issues supposedly linked to budget Chinese phones but got no reply. There is, however, a new press release from LEAGOO dated 8th March 2018 that makes interesting, if confusing, reading. http://www.leagoo.com/news/leagoo-announcement/ - see attached PDF.

I've been a Malwarebytes Premium for Windows user for some time but these issues have prompted me to install it on my Android devices as well, and recommend it to others.

leagoo.com-08 Mar LEAGOO Announcement.pdf

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Thanks, Nathan, I now understand the problems with pre-installed malware and options available. I have managed to solve one friend's problems using Malwarebytes for Android would identify so I don't think that was pre-installed malware and but haven't had the chance to look at the second phone - I suspect that I will need to try disabling apps on that one....... 


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