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Hacked iPhone

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I am hoping you can help me. A relative in my family fell for one of those Microsoft scams and gave remote access to my desktop windows 10 computer. I ended up factory resetting it but still had issues & the relative actually got me new computer. However, before that happened I was already having weird issues with my previous iphone 5s which I upgraded to a brand new iphone 8 plus because my calls were being interrupted, keypad opening and numbers being pressed, also speaker coming on while I was speaking...I hoped if I got new phone it would help...so honestly don't know if this incident is connected, however it seems to all be worse, as now all my accounts were made vulnerable since apple syncs everything.  

I changed my passwords, factory reset computer before trashing it (one that was taken over remotely), got new desktop, but my iphone 8+ issue has gotten worse. Someone has definitely hacked into my phone, likely before this other incident but the common denominators are iphone, same number and emails over time. On my new iphone 8+ my calls have been even worse since the remote desktop attack - now my calls are getting redirected to completely different people on the other end of the line even though I have called correct number over and over. My calls have also been disconnected, keypads keeps getting opened up etc. I cannot even use it anymore. It is beyond bizarre.

I again reset all passwords several times from new desktop. I tried just using data oh iphone and not wifi (don't know if that helps) - I stopped using my old emails (that were connected to hacked desktop and iphone) and made new one on my new desktop. I have not synced anything from old accounts (including compromised phone) to my new laptop.

However, iphone is now unusable it has gotten so bad. I finally just factory reset my iphone as last resort but honestly I'm not comfortable even using the thing as I can't imagine how someone is in it like that?

My friend saved my contacts and photos on his computer before we factory reset it, but after he could not upload them. Part of the contacts were also lost (again don't know if that is relevant but we both thought was odd). I have also dealt with some odd things, possibly stalking.

I still owe on the iphone8 since it's so new. Believe I need to change number, carrier won't allow it without porting to same number before allowing me to change to new number. I don't want ANY possible connection. I don't know what to do. As I said, while I did have the remote desktop issue and am dealing with that possibly at same time, I now have new desktop but iphone was already doing this - including older version (iphone5s) - I thought I'd upgrade to 8 and it would help (hoping it was just age or something) - but I have same number, phone in perfect condition and now it's all worse. Any thoughts and any help is appreciated. 

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On 5/11/2018 at 8:17 PM, brollySSJ said:

most of the phone hacked by metapeter kali linux hacker send a software. If you download this software then your phone hacked donot download that type pf unusual software

google support

Metapeter is detected by the android system, even with unknown sources enabled, but he claims he's using an iPhone and the only way iOS can actually be exploited is by either a Jailbreak or using a jailbreakable firmware (ie iOS 11) and got exploited by downloading and accepting the software's profile in settings.

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