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Does Anti-Exploit allow "true" excaptions, or to disable protection?


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I have been using HitmanPro.Alert and it is great.....but I really hate how there is no way to truly tell the program to ignore an application it has arbirarily decided to block. I also hate that there is no option (other than uninstalling the program) to disable protection. IMO this is completely asinine as your power users can handle it and your average user (who would benefit from having mandatory protection) does not even know what anti-ransomware is. Please tell me that Malwarebytes AE has these options and I will switch today!

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Yes, you may both individually disable Exploit Protection in Malwarebytes, both via an option in the tray icon's right-click context menu as well as an option under Settings>Protection in the main UI.

Additionally, you may disable Exploit Protection for individual shielded applications (the list of programs protected by the Anti-Exploit component), both for the default list of shielded apps as well as any custom apps you might have added to the list.  Also, it allows you to control individual exploit mitigation components via an Advanced Settings interface in the main UI that controls additional shields and exploit mitigation tactics.

Below are images of the Malwarebytes interfaces of which I speak so that you don't have to take my word for it (and you may also use the 14 day trial of Malwarebytes 3 by installing Malwarebytes 3 from here if you haven't used the trial already):





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By the way, I previously tested the trial of HitmanPro.Alert and found myself frustrated by the same lack of functionality you mention as I too had cause to disable it at one point only to discover that I could not without removing the application completely.

Thankfully all aspects of protection may be controlled and configured via its settings, shields and exclusions.  You can exclude detection of a previously detected exploit, exclude an application, file or folder from Malware Protection as well as Ransomware Protection (or exclude from just Malware Protection or just Ransomware Protection if you don't want it excluded from both).  You can exclude an application from being blocked by Web Protection so that it allows all connections to all sites for that individual application/executable, or you may instead exclude an individual URL/domain or IP address so that specific websites or servers which are contained in the Malwarebytes Web Protection block database/black list will not be blocked for any applications/connections.

It is quite versatile in its configuration options.

You can even adjust the priority of scans so that they use less CPU to improve multitasking if you wish (for manual scans only; scheduled scans automatically run as low priority so as not to disrupt normal usage of the system while they run).

You may find further documentation of Malwarebytes' features in this document as well as this knowledgebase.

Please let us know if there is anything else we might assist you with.

Thanks :) 

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