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Malwarebytes 3 blocks all DNS - on Domain Controller

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I installed Malwarebytes on our Server 2008 R2 Domain Controller / Exchange Server.

"Website Blocking"  breaks all functions on the Domain Controller that require internet access, including the Exchange ServerMalewarebytes Licensing and Malewarebytes Updates.

Microsoft Domain Controllers use their own internal DNS server for on-board applications with the internal DNS server handling those DNS requests for internet web sites.

This would be problem for all Microsoft Domain Controllers with Malwarebytes 3 so I am hoping there is a well-known solution.

One work-around, is to add an external DNS server address to the Domain Controller's network adaptor, but that is not a recommended configuration for a Domain Controller.  The domain controller is supposed to use its own DNS server which forwards DNS requests to a public DNS server for internal clients including itself.

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26 minutes ago, Dashke said:

Can you please post the protection log so we can take a look at it?

There are no logs on the Reports Page of Malware Bytes, so it blocks onboard applications from all DNS without creating a log.

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MB-Check - https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3_check

  1. Download the latest version of MB-Check by clicking the link above
  2. Double-click and run mb-check.exe 
  3. A command window will appear stating "running mb-check" followed by "running mb-grab"
  4. Upon completion, a prompt will appear letting you know it's done and the "mb-check-results.zip" file will be on your desktop
  5. Please send the "mb-check-results.zip" file in PM :) 


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Same problem here. Just rolled out MWB EPS to a customer and crazy AzureAD Sync errors non-stop, troublshot and found tons of ADWS errors and DNS issues on their Domain Controller.  Uninstalled the EndPoint agent and everything cleared up and went back to normal.  This needs to be fixed ASAP!  I now can't protect any DC's

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