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9 hours ago, sherrb1158 said:

Which would be fine to me, because I switched to Firefox to avoid having my every more tracked, except that most sites won't work now if they can't track you.  It's just a mess.  If you don't use a bunch of fake accounts with VPN these days you can't do scheit without having ads spewed in your face for male enhancement products.  I'm about ready to go offgrid.

I use Firefox on my android for general browsing to unknown sites because they do the security thing far better than Chrome. I still use Chrome for accessing regularly used known 'safe' sites.

I've been cutting back my general browsing except in cases when I just need info. I, for the most part, really don't care if they track me--hell, I just ignore most ads anyway (though the video ads that shove themselves at me despite having auto-play turned off are a little difficult to ignore). If I find that to be a problem with a particular site (like PCMag), I just avoid them--by forcing themselves on me, they guarantee losing me. I do that in my offline life, so nothing new there !  And any FB contacts that dump constant SPAM in the newsfeed just get their feed blocked--they're relegated to my checking their feed periodically when I can. That's life. Despite Tech companies wanting and working actively to control us, we need to be aware that they are likely trying, and take back control ourselves. It's kinda like don't throw the baby out with the bath water--the tech is useful. 

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