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Can I add space too my hard drive via removable memory?


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I know that may sound a bit corny but im desperate. Here is the problem:

I hav 1 of those acer mini laptop with windows xp on it. My 7 gig hard drive (not funny) is filled up and i cant free up any more space on it nor cant i defrag. I hav a slot to add memory, is there any way i can make my computer use the removable memory like a hard drive? Cuz i hav some windows updates to install and not enuff hd space is left, and i cant put those kinds of important files on the removable memory. Or is there any other suggestions

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Greetings bubbleboi :lol: .

In this case I'd say your best bet would be to use some sort of removable USB storage device, either a large flash drive (also known as a thumb drive) or an external USB hard drive and move over some files such as pictures, documents, videos and music, however, do not move over any installed programs or system files as it will break the programs so that they won't work.

Other good options would be to run the built in Disk Cleanup Tool to free up some space as well as uninstalling any old software that you no longer use (just be sure not to uninstall any software related to drivers unless they are for devices that you no longer use, such as an old printer that you don't own any more).

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Ok, download SpaceMonger from here and save it to your desktop (it's very small, only 104k)

  • Unzip SpaceMonger.exe from the zip file then double click SpaceMonger.exe to run it.
  • Once it opens click on the Open button on the upper left and select your C drive.
  • It will perform an analysis to see what's taking up the most space on your hard drive.
  • Look at the directories it shows and double click on the largest ones (aside from Windows) and it will expand each one individually so you can see which subfolders and files are taking up the largest amounts of space.

It's true that you cannot delete the My Documents folder or its subfolders, but you can delete or move files that are inside it, which could potentially free up a lot of space, depending on how many files you've saved there.

Also, have you gone to the Control Panel and looked in Add/Remove Programs to see if there's software that you can uninstall that you don't use any more to free up some space?

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I did not find SpaceMonger there but is did find it at:


It looks interesting but is it as effective as CCleaner that's free?

It costs:

SpaceMonger, single-user (1) license $24.95

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My bad, I used the wrong link I guess (now corrected). The version I linked to (1.4) is the last freeware version and doesn't remove files like Ccleaner, it tells you how much space is being used by the various files and directories on you computer :) .

Is that like "tree size free" then? I found that to be useful to locate uneeded files that I had and to see how much space is used by each file.

Also http://www.voidtools.com/ has a app called "everything" its like a search engine for your computer, it locates files as you type them so its quick and easy to find the things you are looking for.

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From my own experience with XP and a 15 gig system partition, I would think the windows folder would need some drastic cleanup. If MS expects to see Windows 7 on these netbooks I hope they do a better job of maintaining OS size after updates than they did with XP.

I'm sorry to add my opinion over these but this notebook was just not designed to carry the traffic that is loaded on it -

Many of the smaller notebooks around are only for "instant' type use at school or for work notes to be transferred to a larger unit later -

It is like playing WoW on a cell phone at times - They simply can't cope - You purchase a unit to suit a situation -

My last unit is half full with it's basic operating (ex 98 - now XP) and a few games for the kids to play on - :(

Once I worked out it's capacity I was not able to directly D/load large games and I only put 'smaller' basic kids games on it -

All extras are removed from control panel - Add/Remove (I found plenty of stuff I did not even realise was there) and got 1 - 2 Gig extra -

It just seems that there 'will' be programs that 'can' be removed from this unit -

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Now that MBAM is a lot smaller program and still offering the same (or better) protection, '7' may follow your example and fit it on small units -

I did mention in a post that Google/Yahoo/Et al may eye your site as a trend setter, so they may learn to reduce OS size and include

MBAM (or similar) in the systems to save this sort of size problem - (Big sales pitch for Marcin) - :(

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