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Symantec Runtime error


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I have just come from the Malware forum after recieving the most wonderful help from JeaninMontana and think my problem should be posted here. Please do not fill this post with lots of Anti Symantec comments, It is what I use and what I have.

I have a computer with Symantec antivirus installed (Enterprise edition 10.1.6) every thing looks fine, untill the computer is restarted and I get a message about C++ has a runtime error with rvtscan.exe This error comes up about 4- 5 times and then stops. What I find is that it does not start the Symantec antivirus service. I have uninstalled the AV and also used Symantecs removal tool and then done a clean install. I have done this several times and the problem does not go away. I have had some help from Symantec, but we seem to be going around in circles.

Any advice at all is welcome (Except Symantec Bagging)

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Thanks for the compliment Dave, I give it my best. I promise not to bad mouth Symantec. :D

I found this and it looks interesting. http://www.castlecops.com/t191385-Prevx_in..._Antivirus.html Prevx makes a special tool to remove it.

Also I should have said in your other thread you need to update your Java and Adobe both for major security fixes. Let us know if that thread at CastleCops helps.

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