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com.data.acquisition Android Communication Sync -> Malware push ads

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 com.data.acquisition  Android Communication Sync -> Malware push advertisments

in particular TopBuzz app  push to notifications... I am sure some other app will be pushed also

BLU Vivo XL and other BLU phones...

You can see my write up and issues here...

Debloater does not work.

Malwarebytes does not detect it...
With the obvious, and known issues of BLU phones problems..
ie: Disabling Adups via Debloater
which also does not work on this BLU Vivo XL

While I don't expect Malwarebytes to perform "Magic..."

We don't really know what is going on with the package  com.data.acquisition
While not sure what constitutes hijacking your phone, PUP, and Malware....

This BLU company... we don't know what is going on... with stealing our data.

I think Malwaebytes should flag this package, even though they can't remove it.

The public should at least be advised.
Legal action should follow against BLU in a class action suit or stop business
for allowing our phones to be hijacked.

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System App
Android Communication Sync Systems App ->   package -> com.data.acquisition
pushes Ad notifications (unstoppable)
pushed the app TopBuzz (notification on locked screen)

this had been going on for weeks, twice a day.

At one point Android Communication Sync updated itself and renamed itself "Android Tools"
I uninstalled updates "Android Tools" yesterday
Reverted back to name -> Android Communication Sync Systems

push notifications for TopBuzz app continued.

I let the app install, which was instantaneous, no download seemed to occur.
It seems it was already lurking on my phone.

I wanted to see if I would now start to receive other app push notifications.
From my readings, I feared I would eventually have to do a factory reset anyway.

To attempt to fix this problem... is the reason I took a chance on installing TopBuzz app.

Overnight I left the TopBuzz app on my phone.
This morning Malwarebytes informed me
malware  Adware.Yemobi.a  was on my phone.

I deleted TopBuzz this morning.
Rescanned with Malwarebytes.
Adware.Yemobi.a  was still on my phone.

Deleting malware attempt

Notice: "Disable system app......
Android Coummunication Sync is a system app cannot be uninstalled..... "
Click Disable... goes to the app screen... cannot be Force Stop.

Now I have malware Adware.Yemobi.a  unremovable.
As part of System app Android Communication Sync

I guess it is time for a factory reset.... but I fear the process will start all over again
with the System app
 Android Communication Sync Systems App ->   package -> com.data.acquisition

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  • Staff

Hi @Rob-Mymetrofun,

As you have found, we do detect some variants of com.data.acquisition as Android/Adware.YeMobi.a.

com.data.acquisition is preinstalled adware, which is becoming more of an issue -> Mobile Menace Monday: Preinstalled adware and sometimes worse

Preinstalled adware cannot be removed, only disabled.  However, we are seeing a trend in which they can't even be disabled.  Disabling via Debloater is the only method we know of at this time to disable these apps without rooting the device.  If this method does not work, I apologize but there is nothing we can do at this time.

You are correct that a factory reset will not address the issue since it's a preinstalled system app.  However, adware is considered a subcategory of PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs) which isn't nearly as dangerous as true malware.


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