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Hello, well after an update from Spyboy, Malwarebytes for mobile,  shows it again as malware ?!

Is this true? Should that be so?

I have here this App, for the second time standing on the White List!


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Hi @MAM,

A couple of months ago, analyzed SpyBoy.  These were my findings:

After further review of the app in question, the detection stands as PUP/HackTool.Spyboy.  Although the newest version does not link directly to downloadable hacktools/spyware, it does link to a blog which still contains those links.

Please be aware that PUP (https://blog.malwarebytes.com/threats/mobile-pup/) is NOT malware, and is at the discretion of our users to ignore.  We understand that the app/blog is for the purpose of ethical hacking, but it is our stance that users should be informed to exactly what the app could entail.  The app comes with a disclaimer itself; our detection just serves as further notification.

Considering the blog links to far more harmful spyware apps and has topics such as “how to create your own free ransomware”, a detection of PUP/HackTool.Spyboy is a pretty reasonable detection.


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I created an account here after Malwarebytes removed Spyboy. I had severe lag constantly for nearly two weeks on my Samsung S7 and I could not figure out why. After Spyboy was removed by Malwarebytes my phone was back to normal. I have over 120 apps on my phone and there is no reason one legit app should cause this much lag. There is something malicious Spyboy is doing in the background and I would not recommend for anyone to install the app.

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Hello, now slowly who you have 120 apps running with you, how do you get straight on it just to be Spyboy?

Do you have significant proof of this?

That's too easy for me, in this direction. It could also be another app behind it, which could put this behavior on the rag. I do not think there is an infection with every malfunction. Sorry, this is a machine-translated from Google translation.

Only my 5 (Euro) Cents, in this issue.



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