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What do I do when support does not respond?


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We were affected by the memory usage and web blocking issue 2 weeks ago.  Since then we have managed to get all of our desktops working properly again.  I'm not certain that Malware Bytes is working properly though, because our server has been using 100% of the memory and has had very high IO utilization since then.   We have doubled the RAM of the server and it is still maxed out.


We were asked to upload log files after opening the first case for this issue, then the next response was that the case was being closed due to lack of a response from us.   Emails to support are seemingly a black hole.   Since there is no phone support, and there is no SLA, it seems that I have no recourse.      What can an enterprise customer do to get a case escalated to the point where someone will return an email in less than 24 hours? 

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21 hours ago, MarkFleming said:

Yes the support process needs a complete overhaul.


We have to wait 24 hours between responses every time we log something, and the responses are generally making suggestions we've already tried (and outlined in the ticket we logged!), or links to knowledge base articles for products we don't have installed...

Have you tried restarting your computer?

How about uninstalling everything and rebooting a half dozen times and running our custom uninstall script?

Have you tried restarting your computer?

Can I suggest upgrading to Windows 10 and reinstalling everything from scratch?

Maybe try a Mac next time?

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