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I keep getting a warning box coming up saying an infection has been detected and giving an IP number. The above are the three latest. The thing is, if you click the message it disappears and there is no record anywhere of what it is about. I haven't taken a log as the messages do not come up when I do a scan. They just appear at apparently random times and it seems there is little connection with what I am doing at the time.

The first and third numbers were displayed (on different occasions) when I returned to my computer when it had been left idle while I was out. No programs, other than the normal background programs Windows runs, and programs like Malwarebytes, Firewall and anti-virus were operating at the time.

The second message appeared while I was surfing. I'm sorry I didn't think at the time to note the site I was going to as I was simply frustrated with this message keep appearing.

It happens at least once a day, often more. I'm starting to gather it's to do with a new IP blocker but can't honestly say I understand the ins and outs of it.

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The first two are blocked because they are on the LeaseWeb IP range, which is known for malicious activity.


The third, is on Star Hosting's IP range, and has a slew of everything from generic malware, to exploits.


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Many thanks to all of you. This has been really helpful.

I must have been having a really thicko day when I was trying to find out about this as I couldn't track anything down. I must have put the wrong words into the search - a not unlikely circumstance as I didn't know what I was looking for then. Now it all makes sense to me and I can certainly see the value of the IP protection.

I did do a whois on the sites but am afraid it was a bit beyond me to see what connection the results on the search had to the sites I'd been visiting. I'm a bit baffled about the warnings that seemed to have appeared while the computer had been idle but as I use two large screens on the PC it is possible I was working on one and simply didn't notice the warning bubble on the other until some time after it came up. To be on the safe side I've taken the advice to do a full scan with Malwarebytes, my anti-virus, and several other products. All produced a 'clean' result.

Once again, thanks, I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

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