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Does the FREE version of Malwarebytes allow restore and block?

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I'm unaware of whether Refog is considered to be PUP or not, so I can't really comment on that aspect of your question.

The only thing that preference does is to decide whether or not to pre-select (check) the box next to PUPs when the scan is finished. You can still decide what you want to do with PUPs (and all other files) when the scan is finished. That's why I told you not to worry about PUPs for now. Stop please. You are way over-thinking all of this!

Again, nothing will happen to any of the files found until you decide click the button to confirm what you want to happen to those files.


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Sorry, it must have been the RTP that quarantined something from Refog the last time.  

Some of the worry is warranted.  I called a scam # that had people so good I almost let them into my iMac (and I'm usually better than that).  It took me a long time to find out if it was Drive Genius or Malwarebytes that caused the issue w/Refog.  I couldn't reload Refog (partly because I was using an old S/N).   It took me hours to get things back to normal and I consider myself somewhat of a Mac geek!

A comedy of errors, but I decided before I tried this again I would understand it completely.

I do now, thanks you your patience, along with Thomas's . . . I got that now.

Thank you :-)

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